Everyone Can Lead

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Series Preview

This series will uncover an especially important truth about leadership, the fact that leadership is for everyone. Jesus himself sets the example for his disciples by washing their feet. Jesus tells that them the key to being great is to become a servant. So, if we believe that everyone is gifted and can serve, then we also can believe that everyone can lead.

4-Week Format

  • Lesson 1: Leaders are servants
  • Lesson 2: Leaders do what is right, even if they are all alone
  • Lesson 3: Leaders do not give up
  • Lesson 4: Leaders stick up for others.

Series Includes:

  • Weekly lessons in PowerPoint
  • Leader’s guide
  • Gifts Assessment
  • Video walkthrough for the Gifts Assessment
  • Video for your church leadership on the series
  • Coloring pages & word searches
  • Memory verse taught in ASL
  • Motivational printable poster
  • Memory verse printable poster
  • Social media graphics
  • ProPresenter Extras

NOTE: This curriculum series is a digital download.  This is a traditional curriculum series, meaning, it is not one of our video-driven series. After you purchase this series, you will be provided instructions on how to download all of the series files.