Disability Myth Busters Video Series

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When it comes to disabilities there are numerous myths, or false beliefs, that have been ingrained into humanity from the beginning of time. These myths stand as a barrier to meaningful inclusion if not addressed. Remember, you are in a spiritual battle. The enemy, the devil, would like nothing more than these lies about disability to continue to separate your disability community from an opportunity to belong to God’s family. Enlighten your volunteers and your congregation as you expose the lies of the devil with these important disability myth busters!

The purpose of this foundational level resource is to expose these age-old myths about disability and to remove barriers to belonging. Use it for disability volunteer training or use the videos for disability awareness with your congregation.

Preview: Disability Myth #1:

Preview: Disability Myth #3:

Preview: Disability Myth #9:

What’s Included:

  • Leader’s Guide
  • 15 Disability Myth Busters Videos: Hard-hitting fast-paced videos! All videos are two minutes or less making them perfect to use in multiple venues and purposes.
  • Disability Myth Buster PowerPoint for small groups or volunteer trainings
  • 15 Disability Myth Busters Printed Resource
  • Disability Myth Promotional Graphic
  • BONUS: 30 Wrong Assumptions About Disability One-Page Document

This is a digital download.

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