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More Than Friends

More Than Friends


The More Than Friends series is the third and final series in the three-part series on Friendship.

When you search the Bible, you will have a hard time finding the word or the concept of “dating.” That’s probably because the idea of dating is more of a modern idea. Marriages were arranged in biblical times based upon family lineage or economic status. Doesn’t sound romantic at all, does it? Those getting married often didn’t have much say in the process. While the Bible doesn’t give us a formula for dating there are some important things that we can learn about having healthy relationships. The focus of this series will be on making our romantic relationships, healthy relationships.

Not everyone in your group may currently be in a romantic relationship, but chances are that one day they will. This series will help everyone be ready for that day when it comes. Heads up! This series deals specifically with the topic of sex. How far is too far when dating? What kind of boundaries do I need while dating to keep me safe? When is it okay to have sex? What is God’s plan for sex? What bad myths are out there about sex? These are all questions that are tackled in lessons three and four. Both lessons come with a PG-13 warning.

You may be apprehensive to teach these lessons on the topic of sex. Please don’t fear teaching them. The Bible has a lot to say about sex. People need to hear the truth. If they cannot get the truth from the Church where will they find it? You have an incredible opportunity to speak the truth during this series. Don’t shy away from it.

Five lessons are included in this series.

  • Lesson 1: Be A Healthy Person
  • Lesson 2: Encouraging Words
  • Lesson 3: Have Healthy Boundaries
  • Lesson 4: What Does The Bible Really Say About Sex?
  • Lesson 5: Bring It To God

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