#BeHealthy – Video Curriculum

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This online series, #BeHealthy, was designed to help your group love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. This is the greatest commandment that Jesus gave to all of us. Your group can only be fully obedient to this commandment if they can #BeHealthy emotionally (heart), spiritually (soul), mentally (mind), and physically (mind). Each lesson will focus on one area and give several practical tips on how to #BeHealthy. This series was designed for those hosting, or seeking to host, online gatherings using Zoom or Facebook Live.  However, this can easily be used within an in-person setting as well.

The 4-week series covers:

  • Week 1: #BeHealthy Emotionally (Heart)
  • Week 2: #BeHealthy Spiritually (Soul)
  • Week 3: #BeHealthy Mentally (Mind)
  • Week 4: #BeHealthy Physically (Strength)

Here is what is included in this package:

  • A 4-week series with a PowerPoint presentation for each week
  • A 7-9 minute video from president Ryan Wolfe speaking about the weekly lesson
  • 12 #BeHealthy ideas
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Optional memory verse in sign language, with instructional video
  • #BeHealthy coloring sheet
  • Sharable memory verse graphics sized for social media