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Volunteer Positions: Online Host

Have you ever been to a good restaurant with amazing food, but you received terrible service? Maybe you had to wait an inordinate amount of time to be seated. Maybe your waiter or waitress got your order wrong, forgot to check in on you frequently enough, or was just plain rude to you. No matter […]
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Candy Heart Messages from God

Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas Valentine’s Day rolls around every year whether you like it or not! This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Your friends in your Disability Ministry will likely fall into one of two groups. They will either be punch drunk on love because they have someone in their lives, or they […]
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One Size Fits Most: Bible Recommendations

Have you noticed that many of the labels that once said, “One Size Fits All” now read “One Size Fits Most”? There has been a gradual change because there is recognition of the individuality of all people. The same goes for the Bible. There is no single text or format that works for everyone. In […]
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IndispensABLE Online Gathering – August 27, 2020

Our IndispensABLE Disability Ministry Leader Online Gathering from August 27, 2020, featuring discussions about residential ministry with Director of Services Rhonna S. McBride. Did you miss a previous online gathering? View the entire video archive here.
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How To Plan A Drive-In Movie Night

People need people. We were not meant to live in isolation. The global pandemic that has caused citywide lockdowns and shutdowns of churches across our country has deepened the already existing problem of isolation. While many churches have ceased to meet in-person inside their buildings for months their people have suffered. One way to ease […]
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Wait, Don’t Stop!

4 Areas To Continue Tech Usage Post Lockdown The easiest thing for ministry leaders to do post lockdown is to go back to business as usual. What is business as usual? It means breathing a sigh of relief and being thankful that this season has passed It is a return to the old way of […]
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Free Sample Schedule for Online Ministry

In this month’s free training video, president Ryan Wolfe covers another Ability Ministry free resource: the sample schedule for online ministry meetings. Download the free sample schedule here.
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IndispensABLE Disability Ministry Leader Online Gathering – May 28, 2020

“Every parent wants to know their child is loved by someone else.” – Wendy Wilken In this online gathering, Wendy Wilken spoke about ways disability ministries can partner with families. Below are some of the links shared during our discussion. My Friends My Teachers All of the documents and resources Wendy is referencing can be […]
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#BeHealthy – Weekly Chart

In the next video-driven curriculum series titled #BeHealthy we created this weekly chart. This is a great tool to track activities such as reading the Bible, praying, getting enough sleep, etc. This series will be launching next week and will be freely available.
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Free 15-Day Bible Reading Plan – Part 2

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more time than ever is being spent online as families are forced to stay inside.  As many have experienced, not all encounters online are positive.  Negativity, judgement, anger, and depression run rampant in many areas.  We have a hope unlike any other and we not only want to share that […]
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Because Jesus' table is accessible for everyone...

We desire to see the Church make room for all people affected by disability. To fully participate. To fully partner. To fully lead.

We exist to equip and empower the 25% of the population with a disability, their families, and their churches to become who God has created them to be.
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