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How the House Next Door Became a Mission

Having a child with Down Syndrome, I realized early on that her opportunities would be much more limited than my other typical children. But even I was unprepared for the lack of opportunity she would have as an adult. When she graduated from school there was, literally, nothing of any quality for her to do. […]
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Next Steps: Continuing Your Disability Ministry

We came to your prom and we loved it! We loved it so much that we decided to give going to church a second chance. We came to your church the next Sunday, but we were surprised that there was nothing for us. We were not welcomed. While we love the prom, we need more […]
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Don’t Dis My Ability – Free Wallpaper

We just recently announced that we would be releasing a limited run of these “Don’t Dis My Ability” shirts.  But just in case that wasn’t enough, we thought it might be cool to also offer them as a free wallpaper download for your phone, tablet, or desktop. To download your free wallpaper, just select the […]
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First Steps: Starting Your Disability Outreach

Statistics tell us that somewhere around 90% of churches have no intentional outreach to their disability communities. That means that only 10% of churches in America have some formal disability ministry programming. Within this 10% of churches, it may be that the church has a Jesus Prom, or a Buddy System, or an Adult Class, […]
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Your Child Has The Ability to Live a Purposeful and Impactful Life

When he was only four years old, ENABLE Special Needs Planning Founder and President, Phillip Clark’s life was forever changed by the birth of his younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome. Despite not being congratulated by the doctors and receiving a long list of limitations for Sarah’s life, Phillip’s family committed to fulfilling their […]
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Free Indeed – Wallpaper

This was our July 4th themed wallpaper which everyone seemed to love, so we wanted to make it available on all devices! To get your free wallpaper, download for your phone, tablet, or desktop below: Our artwork may not be used for creation of goods/products, advertising, or promotion without prior written permission.
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Leaders Lead

I’ve heard it once said: Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example. I think there is so much truth to this quote. I have known many adults affected by IDD that were leaders. No, they did not hold an official position of leadership within the church or community, but […]
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First Steps: How to Start a Disability Ministry

two boys sitting at a classroom table
Thank you for answering the call from God to reach out to your disability community. Every Disability Ministry is unique based upon the make up of the church and the community. To help you with some common first steps we’ve put together a collection of resources for you to help you get started. Step One […]
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Disability Ministry Sunday

Many churches over the years have held special Sundays highlighting different ministry areas or community opportunities. Probably the most well known special Sunday is when churches allow their youth ministry to take over. Every element of the service is planned and conducted by the youth of the church. These are great Sundays! They both highlight […]
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It’s More Ups Than Downs

Seventeen years ago, when my son Ryan was born with Down syndrome, it came as a complete surprise.  We knew we were having a boy and I had been dreaming of his future for the last 9 months. Maybe he would be a star soccer player for his high school, tall and handsome, with so […]
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Because Jesus' table is accessible for everyone...

We desire to see the Church make room for all people affected by disability. To fully participate. To fully partner. To fully lead.

We exist to equip and empower the 25% of the population with a disability, their families, and their churches to become who God has created them to be.
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