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The Gift of Being Known

Woman who uses wheelchair texting on mobile device
One year, as two broke college students, my friend and I traveled to New York for spring break. We found the absolute cheapest flight possible from the West Coast, which sent us from Northern California to Los Angeles, to Baltimore, to Long Island, to a bus, to a train station, and finally, to Times Square […]
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My Christmas Wishlist

two people sitting at a table
Have you ever written out a Christmas wishlist? Maybe when you were younger you even mailed one to Santa at the North Pole. As we age sometimes our wishes change. This year if I could have anything for Christmas, I would wish for the following: I wish people with disabilities would have their voices heard. […]
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The Line in the Sand

a group of people walking on the sand
I think a lot about this photo that I took at Camp Freedom. To the average viewer, it is most likely your typical camp beach photo loaded with sunshine, happy clouds, and happier people. I am not here to dispute that, because the photo is certainly all of that to me as well. Yet, if […]
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With Gratitude

Dear Churches, We find ourselves in the season of thanksgiving, smashed somewhere between the last of the pumpkin spice latte and the first of the Christmas cookie season. At times, it is tempting to skip over the focus on gratitude, as I rummage through the last of the Halloween candy and begin hanging our Christmas […]
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Meet Adam Bryant

We are excited to introduce to you Adam Bryant, an illustrator, and animator who was brought on board to help bring one of our upcoming projects to life. Adam, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at 11 years old, is an award-winning artist and graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. More recently, Adam […]
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Easy To Use Online Curriculum

"Easy To Use Online Curriculum" session from the Wonderfully Made Conference 2020 as presented by Ability Ministry president Ryan Wolfe.
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Curriculum, Teaching, and Tips

"Curriculum, Teaching, and Tips" is a VIP member breakout session from the 2020 Wonderfully Made Conference as presented by Ability Ministry president Ryan Wolfe.
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Fantasy Sports Offer Inclusion Opportunities

What if I told you that organizing a Fantasy Football League at your church was a great way to promote inclusion at your church? I am sure that there are immediate obstacles that are coming to mind for you. You don’t know the first thing about Fantasy Sports. No problem! You don’t have a Sports […]
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30 Wrong Assumptions About Disability

What exactly is an assumption? It is something that is accepted as true without any real proof. Sometimes assumptions end up being true. Often assumptions are not true. When they end up not being true, they can lead to trouble, hurt feelings, embarrassment, and more. I am sure you have heard of the following adage […]
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IndispensABLE South Florida

Pastors and Leaders Conference for South Florida Churches October 16, 2021 This is a free digital product and includes the following: Video recording of the online gathering Ryan Wolfe's Powerpoint presentation file Download the video recording and Powerpoint presentation for free here.
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Because Jesus' table is accessible for everyone...

We desire to see the Church make room for all people affected by disability. To fully participate. To fully partner. To fully lead.

We exist to equip and empower the 25% of the population with a disability, their families, and their churches to become who God has created them to be.
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