Shop Amazon. Ship to our residents.

Our residential group facilities, New Hope and Riverwood, require a lot of supplies and items on a daily basis.  Many have asked what items we need the most, which is why we have put together a want/need list via Amazon.  You can shop these items and have them shipped directly to New Hope or Riverwood.

In addition to this list, our residents also love to eat out occasionally, which is why gift cards to KFC, Dominoes Pizza, Texas Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Arbys, Pizza Hutt, Cheddars, and Sonic are also welcomed.

NOTE: When you check out, the default shipping address is our Riverwood address.  If you wish to ship items to New Hope, please make sure you change the shipping address, which should be included in the options.  If you have any trouble using the wish list, please contact us.