The OTHER Animals of the Bible

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Whether you grew up in church or not you are probably familiar with many of the classic Bible stories that involve animals. You have probably seen the artwork of the animals in the creation story. You may have even had a mural of the animals marching two by two into Noah’s Ark in your room growing up. And who has not heard of Daniel in the lion’s den? These familiar stories are often made to be cute and very kid-friendly even the lion’s den story! Well this series, The OTHER Animal Stories from the Bible, is not so cute and cuddly. This series may surprise you as you dig into God’s word.

Series Preview:


  • Lesson 1: Our God is greater! (Snakes)
  • Lesson 2: God will meet your needs. (Ravens)
  • Lesson 3: Don’t be a bully! (Bears)
  • Lesson 4: God protects his people. (Donkeys)
  • Lesson 5: God loves you more than all the pigs in the world. (Pigs)

What’s Included:

  • 5 Video lessons with PowerPoint files
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Memory verse (Taught in ASL) instructional video
  • Group activity
  • Coloring Pages
  • Word searches
  • Scripture Scramble activity
  • ProPresenter extras
  • Social Media graphics
  • Free Ability Ministry printable resources

Note: This is a digital product.