Tastes Like Chicken

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This video-driven curriculum series will uncover important biblical truths while looking at some of the strangest food stories of the Bible. It is perfect for groups meeting online or in-person. This series promises to make your group laugh and maybe even make them cringe. Do not fear no one was harmed in the filming of this series! Not only will your group learn important Bible lessons, but they will also get an opportunity to put their faith into action.

Series Format:

  • Week 1: Manna? Wait, what is that?
  • Week 2: I dare you to drink that!
  • Week 3: I’ll take some super cake!
  • Week 4: Anyone hungry for death soup and magic bread?

Package includes:

  • Lessons: Each week contains a weekly PowerPoint lesson along with a video to play before class.
  • Memory Verse: There is a video teaching the memory verse in ASL along with a printable PDF and JPG version of the memory verse.
  • Supplemental Activities: Included in the package are four word searches and two coloring pages.
  • Pro Presenter Extras: This has files formatted to fit Pro Presenter.
  • Social Media: Various coming soon and series graphics sized for IG, Facebook, and Twitter. Also a memory verse version of these.
  • Baking Activity: A fun Bible challenge and baking activity worksheet in PDF and JPG format.
  • Bloopers & Outtakes: We had so much fun making this we thought you might enjoy some of the behind the scenes!