Don’t Dis My Ability – Single Lesson

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Do you feel like the world is always putting you down? Do you feel like people only see your disability and fail to see all your amazing abilities? Or do you feel like the world does not see you at all? Maybe you feel invisible because of your disability. The way others treat you can make living with a disability very frustrating. The world has always had a negative narrative about disability. This should not be! This is not how God views people with disabilities.  In this powerful lesson, your group will see that disability is not a negative. Disability is the exact opposite of a negative! Don’t believe it? Neither did the disciples! Your group will hear directly from Jesus as he talks to his disciples about disability and its divine purpose this week. Jesus changed the minds and hearts of his disciples. This lesson will do the same for your group.

What’s Included:

  • Activities: Coloring sheet (PDF and JPG formats) and word search (PDF and JPG formats).
  • Lesson: PowerPoint lesson file along with the lesson in video format from Ryan Wolfe. We also included a ProPresenter Images folder which contains the PowerPoint slides exported as JPG files.
  • Memory Verse: Video that teaches the memory verse in ASL. Additionally, there is a folder that contains graphics formatted for social media that you are free to share (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter).
  • Poster: An 8×10 series poster in PDF and JPG formats.
  • Don’t Dis My Ability – Leader’s Guide: A PDF explaining the entire lesson along with some suggested supplemental activities.