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Did You See That?

Did You See That?


A miracle is something unbelievable that happens and cannot be explained by science. It can only be credited to God. Jesus performed many different miracles during his ministry on Earth. This series will study four of those miracles and reveal important truths.

As an added bit of fun for your group, each lesson will contain a short wacky video featuring characters Oscar, Chiquita, and Jesus. In each video, Oscar and Chiquita will attempt to recreate one of the miracles of Jesus. They will often fail miserably and need your help to get them to discover the real meaning behind each miracle.

The result of many of the miracles of Jesus was that people believed in God. We hope and pray that as your group studies these miracles they will put their faith in Jesus.

Did You See That? Lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Water Into Wine
  • Lesson 2: Through the Roof
  • Lesson 3: Money From a Fish
  • Lesson 4: Walking on Water

Weekly Wacky Videos featuring Oscar and Chiquita

Did You See That? Adult Disability Ministry Curriculum

Did You See That? Adult Disability Ministry Curriculum

Series Includes

  • PowerPoint-driven lessons
  • Weekly wacky videos with Oscar and Chiquita
  • Leader’s guide
  • Coloring pages and word searches
  • Video teaching memory verse in ASL
  • ProPresenter extras
  • Social media and lesson graphics

Series Notes:

  • Release date: November 2023
  • PowerPoint Driven
  • This is an entirely digital product

If you enjoyed the Big Ten Series, this series is another one your group will love!

Because Jesus' table is accessible for everyone...

We desire to see the Church make room for all people affected by disability. To fully participate. To fully partner. To fully lead.

We exist to equip and empower the 25% of the population with a disability, their families, and their churches to become who God has created them to be.
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