Baptism Decision Video Series

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There is no greater decision that anyone can make in life than to believe in Jesus and be baptized. It is the only decision that we make that can make a difference on where we will spend our eternity. It will either be with Jesus in heaven or separated from Him in hell. So, this is a pretty big deal! We celebrate with you and with your group over the many decisions that will be made for Christ.

This series can be used in several different formats. It can be used for a supplemental baptism decision class for people who have shown interest in baptism. Or it can be used as a series of lessons for everyone in your group to help educate them on the decision that they have.

  • Leader’s Guide (PDF format)
  • Introduction/promo video for your group
  • Four video lessons:
    • Lesson 1 – Jesus, Your Savior
    • Lesson 2 – Satan, Your Enemy
    • Lesson 3 – Faith, Your Relationship with Your Savior
    • Lesson 4 – Baptism, Your Decision
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