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“Tastes Like Chicken” is our most recent adult disability ministry curriculum series. President Ryan Wolfe walks you through what the series is about and gives a preview of what is included in the package.

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Disability Ministry Curriculum

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In this powerful lesson, your group will see that disability is not a negative. Disability is the exact opposite of a negative! Don’t believe it? Neither did the disciples! Your group will hear directly from Jesus as he talks to his disciples about disability and its divine purpose this week. Jesus changed the minds and hearts of his disciples. This lesson will do the same for your group.

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Much of our attention on and around the time of Easter is taken away from Jesus. The holiday of Easter has largely become commercialized. Americans spend 1.9 billion dollars on candy alone during the Easter season. It is the second largest candy-buying season behind only Halloween. The Easter bunny has been promoted over Jesus. The Church must take the opportunity to shift the focus back where it belongs, on Jesus.

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After years of doing disability ministry and consultation for churches, the one constant heard was… “We can’t find enough good curriculum.” We’ve heard the requests from many and decided to put together an easy to use tested curriculum. Our curriculum is created to help all people draw closer to God, equip them for works of service, and give them the tools necessary to deal with real-life everyday issues.

We understand that disability ministry church budgets are often small if they exist at all. That is why we have decided to produce our curriculum in digital form only to keep costs down and to be able to make it available to you instantly.

Each curriculum series that we produce will come with a Leader’s study guide and customizable PowerPoint presentations. Our presentations are well done and ready to be used with little preparation time. We do however recognize the fact that every group is unique. Your investment time in lesson preparation is up to you. You can take and reshape these lessons to fit your needs. The leader’s guide will give you additional questions to consider, optional object lessons, optional links to videos, and other resources. Each PowerPoint presentation includes a monthly memory verse, bible lesson, visuals & large print, multiple forms of group interaction, discussion questions, and prayer focus points.

Who is This Curriculum For?

Great question! This curriculum can be used in many different formats. It has been tested and used with both teens, young adults, and adults with varying disabilities. This curriculum can be used in both small group and Sunday school settings. This group can be used in inclusive settings as well. The simplicity of our lessons evens the playing field for everyone. I’ve even heard volunteers in the room say, “I actually learn more with these lessons than I do in ‘big church.’”

Support is Available for You!

As an added feature for anyone who purchases our curriculum, we will also offer FREE support. We can help you with any questions that you may have. Ryan Wolfe, the President, is the author of our curriculum and he would be glad to help you.

Our Prayer

It is our prayer that this curriculum will bless you, your ministry, and all who use it. We pray that it would draw all people closer to God, equip them for works of service, and help them be better prepared to handle real-life issues.

How to Use Our Traditional Curriculum Online

Would you like to take a look inside some of the curriculum before you make the decision to purchase it?  Take a look at the video below, which gives you a better look inside our curriculum.


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