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Author: Ed Carter
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Empowering Parents with Disabilities: Side Hustle Strategies Unveiled

A man, seated in a wheelchair, in a living room setting.
Parents with disabilities are increasingly looking for avenues to augment their earnings while also fulfilling family responsibilities. Side hustles not only offer financial autonomy but also open doors for personal growth. This article covers multiple dimensions — from the merits of engaging in side gigs to the nitty-gritty of legal formalities, concluding with an array […]
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4 Things to Do When You’re Expecting a Child with a Disability

If you’re expecting a child with a disability, you’ll have some additional parenting challenges to overcome that many other parents don’t have to deal with. It’s a good idea to start preparations now, to ensure your home is accessible, your mental health is resilient, and your financials are stable. This can also help ease some […]
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Employment Possibilities for People with Disabilities

a man wearing glasses
People with disabilities are willing and able to work but often face barriers to employment. Despite legislation that protects people with disabilities from employment discrimination, many struggle to access the employment opportunities and fair wages they need for personal and financial growth. According to a 2015 report from the National Conference of State Legislators, only […]
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Don’t Let Disability Keep You From Planning for Your Financial Future

If you or your loved one has been living with a disability for any length of time, you probably already have a plan for making sure your day-to-day needs are met. However, do you know how you will handle the expenses of care later in life? If you don’t, it’s important to create a financial […]
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Because Jesus' table is accessible for everyone...

We desire to see the Church make room for all people affected by disability. To fully participate. To fully partner. To fully lead.

We exist to equip and empower the 25% of the population with a disability, their families, and their churches to become who God has created them to be.
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