Sermon: Jesus the Author of Disability

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At the completion of the sixth day of creation, God looked over everything that He had created and He thought to himself it is “very good.” I don’t think we would argue that God is the creator of all things. When we look closely at the creation account in Genesis, and other passages, we see that is that Jesus is present and actively doing the work of creation. I also think we can agree on the fact that what God creates is in fact “very good.” So why when it comes to the topic of disability do we think that somewhere along the line there was a mistake? In this powerful sermon, it will be revealed that people with disabilities are not mistakes. They are every bit of a masterpiece, or work of art, as the next person in God’s creation. God doesn’t make mistakes. God has a plan and purpose for all people. This includes people affected by disability. There are no exceptions or asterisks in the Bible. So, if God has a plan and a purpose for all people does your church?

“Jesus the Author of Disability” is a single sermon complete with script and presentation slides.  Additionally, this package includes hi-res posters suitable for printing, sermon notes, as well as social media graphics created and sized specifically for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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