Neighbors – Video Edition

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One of the biggest issues in the disability community is dealing with isolation. The fact of the matter is, everyone needs a good friend. And everyone needs to know how to be a good friend. This series will take a progressive look at who God wants us to be friendly with, how to be a good friend, and what it means to be “more than friends.”

The Neighbors Series is first series in a three-part series on friendship. This is a special edition of that series which includes a pre-recorded video for class leaders to play during online meetings. Given our current situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, whether we like it or not, churches are forced to meet online rather than in person. We want you to have the resources needed to meet, which is why we are offering this for free for a limited time.

The digital download includes a leader’s guide, PowerPoint presentation, as well as a download to a video file that you can play from your computer.