2 Must Have FREE Resources For Disability Ministry Leaders

2 Must Have FREE Resources For Disability Ministry Leaders

Whether you are a brand new Disability Ministry Leader or you are a seasoned veteran we have two FREE resources that will help you take your ministry to the next level.

What does the Bible say about disability?

There is no better place to start than building a strong biblical foundation. Jesus said in Luke 6:47-49:

“Some people come and listen to me and do what I say. I will show you what they are like. They are like a man who builds a house. He digs down deep and sets it on solid rock. When a flood comes, the river rushes against the house. But the water can’t shake it. The house is well-built. But here is what happens when people listen to my words and do not obey them. They are like a man who builds a house on soft ground instead of solid rock. The moment the river rushes against that house, it falls down. It is completely destroyed.”

God is not silent on the topic of disability in the Bible. As you build your ministry do it on the firm foundation of truth that can be found in God’s word. If you do when the storms come you will be well prepared.

Download or print this free resource to see exactly what the bible says about disability:

what the bible says about disability

Campus Accessibility

After building a firm foundation on the truth found in God’s word you must make sure your church campus communicates the same thing that your heart does.

Did you know that your church campus speaks for you? It does! And it gives your guest a first impression before you ever have a chance to speak to someone. Does your church campus communicate that you value people with disabilities? Depending on the age of your building it may not be giving the message that you want to communicate. Even if your church campus is up to ADA codes it could go even a step further in communicating a message to people with disabilities that they have not only been thought of but are welcomed and valued. How can you make sure your building does this?

Download or print this free resource to help make sure your church campus is sending the right message by being fully accessible:

Church Campus Accessibility Checklist


If you do these two things your Disability Ministry will be built for success. Don’t skip the key foundational things. They are absolutely worth the time and the investment.

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