5 Ways To Get New Volunteers Engaged In Disability Ministry

5 Ways To Get New Volunteers Engaged In Disability Ministry

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As much as you need new volunteers in Disability Ministry, new volunteers need you! Never take for granted the small things that you think should be obvious to everyone in your ministry. Below are 5 simple ways to get your new volunteers engaged. Fail to do so and you will struggle with volunteer retention.

5 ways to get new Disability Ministry volunteers engaged:

  • Know their gifting before plugging them in
  • Assign them a mentor to shadow
  • Assign them a friend to interact with
  • Assign them a weekly entry-level task
  • Have them report their experience to you weekly good & bad

As you can see above the key components to volunteer engagement are connections to people and continuous open lines of communication. If you fail to connect and communicate you will stay on the constant hamster wheel of needing volunteers. Be intentional about avoiding the 5 things below and you may just be able to get off that hamster wheel.

5 ways to lose new Disability Ministry volunteers:

  • Don’t take the time to get to know them before plugging them in
  • Don’t give them a mentor
  • Be afraid to trust them with a task
  • Don’t take the time to check in with them outside of programming
  • Don’t encourage them

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