With Gratitude

With Gratitude

Dear Churches,

We find ourselves in the season of thanksgiving, smashed somewhere between the last of the pumpkin spice latte and the first of the Christmas cookie season. At times, it is tempting to skip over the focus on gratitude, as I rummage through the last of the Halloween candy and begin hanging our Christmas lights. But I do not wish to do that this year. This year, I am going all-in on gratitude.

Thank you…

…to the churches with accessible parking and ramps, to make certain getting into the front doors of the building is possible.

…to the churches with warm and kind greeters, to make certain finding the way in an unfamiliar building is less chaotic.

…to the churches with accessible restrooms, to make certain all can retain their dignity.

…to the churches with amplified sound devices, to make certain the joyous sounds of worship are heard more clearly.

…to the churches with sensory-friendly services, to make certain the message of Jesus is front and center.

…to the churches with multisensory Sunday school lessons, to make certain different types of learning styles are engaged.

…to the churches with inclusive buddies, mentors, and volunteers, to make certain there is ample support for all.

…to the churches with individuals with disabilities on their leadership teams, to make certain diverse voices are heard and valued.

…to the churches with individuals with disabilities in service roles, to make certain their gifts and talents are affirmed and utilized.

…to the churches with online services, to make certain accessing and attending church from anywhere is a reality.

…to the churches with an eye toward the margins of their communities, to make certain everyone is seen.

…to the churches with an ear toward the stories of those who are hurting, to make certain everyone is known.

…to the churches with a heart for meeting real needs of real people, to make certain everyone is loved.

…to the churches with the willingness to be wrong, to make certain ignorance never trumps humility.

…to the churches with the courage to change, to make certain there is a place for those who previously had no place.

…to the churches with the boldness to innovate, to make certain things do not stay the same.

…to the churches with boundless love given freely, to make certain that none should go without.

…to the churches with inclusive work still to do, to make certain dependency on Jesus never wanes.

Thank you.

With gratitude,

One of the 20% of Americans impacted by disability

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