Shine On: Tim Tebow Foundation

In 2015 the Tim Tebow Foundation launched the first Night to Shine proms. These events are truly unforgettable experiences centered on God’s love for people with special needs. In 2021 the Night to Shine prom movements has reached over 700 churches, in 30+ countries, celebrating more than 100,000 kings and queens.

While families and churches love the Night to Shine prom experience, they have expressed the need for more than just one night a year. So, after much prayer and relationship-building, the Tim Tebow Foundation has created a new ministry called, Shine On. Shine on is designed to inspire, equip and encourage churches to embrace and offer belonging to families living with disabilities year-round.

The Tim Tebow Foundation has created a brand-new Shine On website full of resources for churches and families to use. These resources come from the top Disability Ministry organizations in the world that were hand-selected by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

In addition to their new website, they have also created a Shine On app that includes all the resources that their website does. Make sure to download that Shine On app today.

We at Ability Ministry are proud to have been selected by the Tim Tebow Foundation to be an official “Shine On Contributor.”

Many of the great resources that you can find on our website,, can now also be found on the Shine On website and app.

We could not be more excited about working with the Tim Tebow Foundation to build up the Kingdom of God by reaching the worldwide disability community for Christ.

Learn more or register here:

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