Volunteer Guardians and Your Church

Volunteer Guardians and Your Church

The Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite Marvel Comics Universe franchise of all time and it is not even close. The many reasons why is a topic for another conversation. Even if you are not familiar with this MCU franchise the meaning behind the name is unmistakable. Don’t you just love the idea of having a group of people out there looking out for the good of the galaxy? Isn’t it comforting to know that these superheroes are looking out for your wellbeing?

Sure the Guardians of the Galaxy is just a movie. But what if I told you that you too could be a Guardian of the Galaxy? Well maybe not a Hollywood movie star, but an actual hero for someone. Someone that looks out for the good of someone else in need.

You might be wondering how could I possibly be someone else’s hero?

Let me tell you…

In every community across the great country that we live in, there is a need for heroes, heroes called “Volunteer Guardians.”

What is a Volunteer Guardian?

It is someone who is appointed by the Probate Court to assume responsibility for the care and management of another person who has been ruled incompetent by the courts.

Many communities have a Guardian Waiting List for people who have become wards of the state and have no family, friends, or support network to care for them. This is where you come in and have an opportunity to play the role of hero! By simply becoming a friend and an advocate for someone in need of a guardian you can have a life-changing impact on another person’s life. And it is that simple. Just be a friend to someone in need.

This is something that God commands us to do. Proverbs 31:8 says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.”

You can do it! Be a hero by becoming a volunteer guardian today!

For more information on setting up a volunteer guardianship program at your church download our Volunteer Guardianship resource document for free.

Watch the Key Ministry disability ministry roundtable video below where Ryan Wolfe speaks about volunteer guardians and the church. You may download Ryan’s PowerPoint presentation here and our Volunteer Guardianship PDF resource can be downloaded here.


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