Candy Heart Messages from God

Candy Heart Messages from God

Valentine’s Day Activity Ideas

Valentine’s Day rolls around every year whether you like it or not! This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Your friends in your Disability Ministry will likely fall into one of two groups. They will either be punch drunk on love because they have someone in their lives, or they will be grouchy about not having someone. Do not hide from the obvious and sometimes awkward vibe in the room. Capitalize on it! Take everyone’s laser focus on the topic of love and turn the conversation toward the only one who loves us perfectly.

Let me give you a few ideas on how to use an age-old Valentine’s Day sweet treat, candy hearts.

3 Candy Heart Ideas

  1. Buy a bag of candy hearts with messages on them. Have people randomly grab a heart and try to make the message related to how God loves them. Do an example or two so people know what you are looking for. For example, if you pull a candy heart that says “FOREVER” on it you could say, “God loves us forever, no matter what!” You may need to pre-pick the candy hearts to make sure someone does not get an odd or inappropriate one and put them in Ziplock bags ahead of time. Or roll the dice and let people pick their own from a bag or bowl. Make sure that people wear latex-free gloves and use hand sanitizer to keep everyone safe.
  2. Buy a bag of candy hearts. Show a few candy hearts and come up with different creative messages about how God loves us using the messages on the candy hearts. Then ask your group to come up with what they think God would write on a candy heart message to them personally. Reward every answer with an allotment of pre-sorted sealed candy hearts. If someone struggles to come up with an idea of a message from God to them help them. Find something wonderful about them and shower that message of love on them. Of course, hook them up with candy hearts too!
  3. Use an online candy heart message generator to create your own candy heart messages, copy and paste the images, into a PowerPoint presentation. Personalize your messages for people in your group. They will get a kick out of seeing their names on hearts. Print these in color ahead of time so everyone has something personal to walk away with. Also, it never hurts to give them some real candy hearts too. If you have guests come that you do not have a pre-printed personalized heart for making sure you have someone ready to get that done before the hour is over. See some examples below.

Valentines Day Ideas for Disability Ministry

God loves you with a perfect love. Celebrate that each Valentine’s Day. Candy hearts are a perfect way to get that message of perfect love across in your disability ministry.

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