Dutton Farm Presents A Celebration of Progress

Dutton Farm Presents A Celebration of Progress

A Pathway to Inclusion & Steps Toward Equality Online Virtual Experience

Dutton Farm, a nonprofit dedicated to seeing all people with disabilities treated with equality, announces its first-ever Celebration of Progress presented by Trion Solutions. Held on October 22 at 6:30pm and again on October 23 at 10:30am, Celebration of Progress: A Pathway to Inclusion & Steps Toward Equality will be an online virtual experience allowing guests to learn more about the history of disability advocacy in America, the progress that has been made, and the pathway to the future of equality.

For over ten years, Dutton Farm has firmly advocated that every person has the right to equal opportunities, meaningful work, and a right to make their own decisions. Founded in 2010 by Michele Smither and her Jenny Brown to establish a supportive community for their daughter and sister Rebecca ‘Becca’ Smither, Dutton Farm has grown into a place where adults with disabilities find the resources, skills and hope to live out their dreams. Often, that dream is as simple as earning a paycheck.

In commemoration of Dutton Farm’s 10th anniversary, the nonprofit is asking community members and advocates from across the country to join as experts present a sober tribute to the continued struggle for civil rights and quality for people with disabilities.

“We hope that individuals that walk away from this presentation receiving a historical insight on the untold stories that many of our disabled community have endured,” said Michele Smither, Founder of Dutton Farm. “More than that, we hope they walk away inspired by the progress that has been made toward equality and hopeful for the future of progress and diversity in our country. We would love for you or your organization to be a part of this experience as we look ahead to another decade of service and advocacy.”

The 60-minute event will include a guided tour of the history, education, advocacy and progress of individuals with disabilities followed by a panel discussion featuring experts from various backgrounds.

Tickets are $25 per person. All proceeds benefit Dutton Farm and its continued efforts to inspire others to see all people with disabilities treated with equality and respect. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit www.duttonfarm.org. Sponsorships are available for businesses interested in partnering with Dutton Farm to share this vital information.

About Dutton Farm

Founded in 2010, Dutton Farm continues to be a shining light of hope for adults, their families and the community, as they educate and inspire others to see the value that persons with unique abilities can contribute. The nonprofit organization offers Adult Education, Career Development and Community Involvement for adults with disabilities on its farm in Oakland Township, MI. Dutton Farm has received numerous awards for its education, advocacy and workplace development. For more information, visit www.duttonfarm.org.

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