IndispensABLE Leader Gathering – May 14, 2020

President Ryan Wolfe hosts the first IndispenseABLE Disability Ministry Leader Gathering via Zoom. To sign up for the next meeting, please visit

“God is calling us to move away from worshipping celebrity pastors, from practicing consumeristic Christianity, and from turning religion into a spectator sport. God is calling us to move towards compassion, action, and return to #BeTheChurch that He originally intended. If we go back to business as usual, or church, as usual, shame on us.” – Ryan Wolfe

Thank you all for attending our online meeting yesterday!  We understand that screen fatigue is a very real thing which is why we appreciate you tuning in and participating even more.  It was awesome to hear your ideas, see your faces, and to just be a part of what God is doing in the disability community.  That being said, we promised to send out some helpful links in case you did not have the chance to jot them down. Also, if you signed up but were unable to make the meeting, or stay for the entire time, we will be uploading the meeting to our YouTube channel next week. There were a lot of fantastic ideas shared!

Tools for Connecting:

  • House Party:  This app was recommended for use on smartphones and computers.  It has games built-in which are fun.  Download and more info.
  • Google Meet: This is another platform to use to meet up online. Download and more info.
  • FaceTime:  Download via the App Store here.

Ability Ministry Resources

  • #BeTheChurch is our first video-driven curriculum series that was created for you to use via Zoom or other online gathering platform.  If you do not already have it, you may download it for free here.
  • #BeHealthy is our newest series that just launched this week.  This was the series that Ryan gave a preview of during our meeting.  It too is available for free from our website here.
  • One Page Docs: I wanted to toss this out there in case you are not already aware, but we have a pretty good variety of helpful and free documents available.  They grew so much that we ended up moving them to their own page here.

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