Free Customizable Daily Schedule

Free Customizable Daily Schedule

Our world recently has certainly taken some interesting turns as we come face to face with COVID-19 (coronavirus).  Many families are at home, practicing social distancing, and as such, as faced with trying to establish a new normal for the next few weeks.

If you have been online, chances are you have come across the COVID-19 Schedule created by photographer Jessica McHale.  Her daily schedule is a fantastic idea, color coded, and easy to read.  As a parent myself, and someone who claims to be very organized, I was instantly drawn to it.  I saved it and texted it over to my wife, suggesting we try to setup something similar at home.  I imagine that if you are an avid reader of our blog, routine is something that is not just a “cool thing to do” at your home, but a foundation throughout your days and weeks.  Since the graphic was an image, I wanted to recreate it.  Our president, Ryan Wolfe, put together some ideas for our version of this calendar, and we are offering it here to you in an editable Word format so that you can customize it for your family.

Encourage Someone

So much of what we hear is that people need to check in on friends, family, neighbors, etc. When you download the Word document and start editing, we want to encourage you to encourage others.  Do not take this out!  Build that into a daily expectation and experience internally with a family member, but more importantly with someone else. Use Facetime, text, phone call, giving a treat to a neighbor, etc.

Imagine how we could come out of this experience changed for the positive always looking out for others.  It does not take long to find dark and depressing news when scanning social media or our news outlets.  Let us be the light.

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