Jimmie Olin Pierson Stories Project

Jimmie Olin Pierson Stories Project

Hey all! We wanted to help share this to get the word out. If any of you have any stories you would like to share, the contact information is listed below.

On one of the anniversaries since my father died, I was researching ways to mark the anniversary in a sentimental way.

At a park once, I saw a whole group let go of helium balloons – nice symbolism but all I imagine was the garbage in the oceans already. So that won’t work.

My son told me about paper lanterns with the same conclusion. What goes up comes back down. And, in my case, I live far too close to a forest preserve to set a flame loose.

Then I read about setting free butterflies free and while that does sound amazing, my dad died in January and I live in Chicago.

Finally, I found, “finish something he started.” So, that’s why we are here. That’s what this page is about.

So, my sisters and I are finishing his final book and we are inviting you to join us.

Dad had many things in his life he was passionate about: people with disabilities, Canada Geese, hostas, his family, spending time with his grandkids, his friends, his church community, history, reading, and so much more. He had started a book combining the first two passions in this list and was waiting for a specific photographer to gather some pictures of Canada Geese so he could weave them into the stories of his friends with disabilities. We want to finish this for him.

We also want to take it a step further. For reasons that will be clear with a final product, we want your feedback. Can you share a story that you remember about Jim Pierson? How did you meet? What’s your best memory? Whether it is a moving story or a funny one, we would love to have it for our project.

We hope to have this project completed by next January 4. We are asking for submissions between now and June 30, 2020. Pictures are also welcome. Pictures of you together, or something you saw together, or, and just as importantly, pictures of Canada Geese. They don’t have to be amazing pictures, just a way to finish his project with his friends.

We also will provide everyone that sends an entry with a copy of the final product. It may be a pdf version although we are hoping for something more substantial. If there are any proceeds, they will all be given to Ability Ministry in Louisville, Tennessee, where dad served as Executive Director from the early 80s until he retired.

We are heading on a journey and we aren’t sure where it will take us, but we want you to come too.

Here is how to get in touch with us, or to follow along!

Facebook: https://fb.me/JimmieOlinPiersonStories
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimmieolinpiersonstories/
Twitter: Jimmie Olin Pierson Stories @OlinJimmie

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