Are You a Prophet?

Are You a Prophet?

One of the things that I have always marveled at and enjoyed about the Christmas season is hearing the Old Testament prophecies about the coming of Jesus. Most scholars believe that there are over 300 prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. Jesus was no accident. Jesus was always the plan. God the Father was very intentional about every detail including the many proclamations of his coming.

Many of the Old Testament prophecies that are shared in church services around Christmas come from the book of Isaiah.

With the calendars flipping over to January combined with my peaked interest in Old Testament prophecies I decided to start reading the book of Isaiah during my quiet time. I was instantly challenged by a thought when reading chapter 6.

The title appears above the chapter 6 text says this, “God Calls Isaiah to Be a Prophet.”

A prophet, wow! Now that is an exclusive job.

What is a prophet?

At its simplest meaning, a prophet someone that God has called to deliver a very specific message.

Only special people throughout history could be considered prophets, right? People like Jonah and Isaiah. People who are famous and often live dangerous lives. People who preachers talk about in sermons. People who even have movies made about them.

As I read down through chapter 6 I came across verse 8. Many of you may already know Isaiah 6:8 as it is one of the Bible’s most well-known verses.

Then I heard the Lord’s voice, saying, ‘Who can I send? Who will go for us?’ So I said, ‘Here I am. Send me!

Then I began to think about my job. I began to think about your job. If you are reading this blog you likely have a vested interest in disability ministry. I began to think about the whole prophet thing. Remember a prophet is someone that God has called to deliver a specific message.

Maybe being a prophet isn’t such an exclusive group? Maybe God has already called you and I to be prophets and we have overlooked it?

You see we have a very specific message that God has called us to deliver. God has called us to deliver this message not only to the world but specifically to churches.

What is this message?

It is the same message that Jesus gave to the religious leaders of his day just a few Sabbaths before he went to the cross. It is the message that God desires church leadership to not only include but to embrace people affected by disability. It is the message that the church is incomplete without people affected by disability being an active contributing member of the local church. It is the message that Jesus is for ALL people not just people with IQ scores above 70 that could be considered potential high capacity leaders.

If you have a vested interest in seeing the local church being equipped and empowered to reach their disability community for Christ than you are a prophet! You have been given a specific message from God. As a prophet, it is your job to deliver that message to the local church, to your church!

Gulp. I know that can sound intimidating. Most people that God called prophets did not feel qualified or equipped, Isaiah included. Qualified or not, God has called you!

We are here to help. We would love to help you deliver this important message.

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