The Power of Riverwood

The Power of Riverwood

Our Riverwood campus is fortunate to be blessed by so many.  Throughout the year, Riverwood hosts mission teams, volunteers, friends, and families who come to love on our residents.  Toward the tail end of 2019, Compassion Christian Church was one such group. One of the volunteers, Celeste, was kind enough to offer some thoughts on her experience:

Our team from Compassion Christian Church was warmly greeted by Kenny and his monkey, George.  Kenny hugged every single one of us, giving each of us the feeling that we were long-time friends.  We then were escorted inside to meet more staff and residents.  That first evening of praise and worship was all it took to fall in love with the residents.  The enthusiasm in the house united our hearts in songs of praise to our Creator.  Such a warm welcome to us travelers.  This gathering energized us to willingly clean, repair, and refurbish anything set before us for the whole week.  Though we came to bless these beautiful people, we were blessed far beyond our expectations.  Thank you, Riverwood residents, for showing the love of Christ to us!  We’ll be back for more!

We are beyond thankful for churches like Compassion, and the volunteers like Celeste who take the time to share their experiences.

While serving at Riverwood, one of the team, Lauren Shrader, also broke out the camera and was able to capture some truly special moments.  These are moments that happen frequently at Riverwood.  And these are the moments that we want our volunteers to carry with them, back home to where they serve, in their churches and in their communities, so that everyone can experience a little Riverwood no matter where they are.

Special thanks to Celeste with Sweet Peony Photography for providing us with these special photos.

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