Lose 28 pounds in 28 days! Ugh… (Part 1)

Lose 28 pounds in 28 days! Ugh… (Part 1)

No matter where we turn, we are flooded by self-improvement messaging. Turn on your radio and I can guarantee that at least one commercial during every break will have to do with either weight loss, male testosterone boosters, growing personal wealth, or exploring career new options. The same goes for every time you watch TV or open your social media feed. We are bombarded daily, if not hourly, with promises of quick-fix solutions for every problem that we face.

The question must be asked. Why?

I think the answer is simple. We all want a shortcut to better living. If someone can offer us a shortcut we would be foolish not to take it, right?

When flooded by messaging I think we all have a tendency to raise a skeptical eyebrow. That being said more people are buying than we think. The frequency of the messaging also tells us that people are lining up to buy into these quick-fix promises. If that wasn’t the case we wouldn’t be seeing the prevalent messaging everywhere we turn.

Do we see this type of messaging in the church world too? Absolutely! All you have to do is google “how to grow your church fast” to see all the quick-fix solutions for churches.

Again we have to ask the question, why?

The answer again is simple. On average between 6,000 to 10,000 churches close every year in our country alone. That means on average somewhere between 100-200 churches close each week. With the decline of churches in America, church leaders are desperate for a shortcut or q quick-fix solution. Church leaders are anxious to find ways to keep their doors open.

For fear of sounding like an infomercial what if I told you I too had an answer for churches too?

  • What if I told you I possessed a strategy that over 90% of churches are not using?
  • What if I told you that this strategy would make your church stand out amongst all the churches in your community?
  • What if I told you I knew how to reach the largest unreached people group in your community?
  • What if I told you I had a strategy that could unlock the pathway to billions of dollars that are just sitting and waiting to be tapped into?
  • What if I told you I had “the” answer for churches?

This church growth strategy is guaranteed to grow a church’s influence, attendance, and finances.

Let me say that again. If you employ this strategy at your church I promise the following.

  • Your church influence will grow in your community!
  • Your church attendance will grow!
  • Your church finances will grow!

I even have a money-back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk on the part of churches that would take me up on my offer.

Would you believe me?

I hope you do believe me because I do have “the” answer for churches. Test me on it.

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