DisABLEd? Is that all you see? Do you not think of us as ABLE? If so, maybe the disability lies with you.

We are more than capABLE. That isn’t even debatABLE.

The narrative about disability must change.

Just because you don’t see us in movies, magazines, and ads doesn’t mean we aren’t fashionABLE. Wait why don’t you see us? Aren’t we representABLE? We make up 25% of the population. Now that is measurABLE. We are a sizeABLE enough group. We should be noticeABLE. That fact that we largely go unseen is laughABLE.

Do you know what I think is inconceivABLE? The fact that you obviously don’t think I am payABLE. Over 80% of people with IDD are unemployed. It’s not because we are unemployABLE. It is because you think we are. We are incredibly reliABLE employees. Is it so unbelievABLE to you that we might be knowledgeABLE and adaptABLE?

Something else that is inexcusABLE is the fact that many believe that we are disposABLE. Hard to believe? Ask Hitler. He thought it was justifiABLE. Sorry is that uncomfortABLE to consider? Then chew on this… anywhere from 60-90% of mothers are convinced babies pre-screened positive for Downs Syndrome are in fact disposABLE. Talk about deplorABLE. Have you seen us? We are adorABLE, huggABLE, and in fact very lovABLE. More than suitABLE to be called your son or daughter.

DisposABLE is inexcusABLE. What’s the opposite of disposABLE? Try indispensABLE!

The Apostle Paul said we were in fact just that… indispensABLE. He must have been sensABLE. I wish more 10% of churches took him more seriously and viewed us as diserABLE. People would find out that we are more alike that different. They might actually find out that we are likeABLE and serviceABLE. We want to be more than just tolerABLE. If churches did, they would become complete and more operABLE than ever before.

If you dare get to know us, you may find that we are preferABLE to close-minded ABLE-bodied people.

Changing the narrative starts with you being agreeABLE to the fact that you are changeABLE.

Don’t just see us as disABLEd. We are capABLE of more than you ever thought was imagineABLE.

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