God is with Us, God is for Us

God is with Us, God is for Us

Do you ever feel like you’re alone or in a valley?

I have felt that numerous times and if I am going, to be honest, I am feeling it right now.  Making decisions about my 18-year-old son with Down syndrome’s future is scary and hard.  What is the right thing with school? How do I continue to give him more freedom? Did I pick the right doctor? Should I consider surgery to correct his flat feet that is causing his feet to roll in?

It wasn’t any easier when he was younger either. There were early interventions to worry about. Working to get him to stand, sit crawl, drink from a cup without protruding his tongue. Picking up cheerios with the correct fingers (who even knew there was a right way to do that?).  It can feel overwhelming and at times engulf us.

A few weeks ago at our church, we had an “Encouragement Sunday”.  There were many people, including some of our special needs friends, from our assisted learning classes, that held signs to greet and encourage those coming in for service. Some of the signs read You, Matter, Choose Joy, Jesus Loves You and We Do Too. One even said Church, Lunch, Nap (now that is a good sign!).  My son happened to get the sign God is with Us, God is for Us. Ok, so I don’t believe at all it was by accident.  It was a sign I needed to read and remember.

God is with YOU, God is for YOU.

What a great, GREAT reminder. I am not walking this life alone and neither are you.  Psalms 23:4 says:

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me.

Did you happen to catch the one little word in this verse WALK?  We are not standing in the valley we are walking through it, and we are not walking alone. God is with us.

There are still going to be tough decisions to make and hard days ahead, but when we face those we can say out loud God is with me, God is for me and we can keep walking.

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