More Alike Than Different: Disability Awareness Kit

Zoe Wolfe, age 10, 5th Grade student at Orchard Hill Elementary school recently was compelled to make a difference for others. This call to action came after she witnessed children with disabilities being made fun of at her school by a fellow classmate.

Zoe was determined to help her classmates and her community understand that we are all “more alike than different.” She felt like if she could teach this important truth that people would be more to others that they perceived to be different.

In order to do this, she applied for the North Canton Character Counts grant. She was hoping to raise money, so she could come up with resources to raise disability awareness with. She was awarded $250 for her project.

Zoe created two Disability Awareness Kits. One would be kept at the local library and could be checked out by anyone. The other one would be shared by North Canton Schools and could be checked out by any classroom teacher.

Each kit contains six different sections:

  1. Autism
  2. Communication Disorders and Hearing Impairments
  3. Physical Disabilities
  4. Visual Impairments
  5. Disability Etiquette
  6. Learning Disabilities

Each section contains an instructional sheet that will provide general information, instructions on how to complete the activities, and discussion questions. There are also books, supplies, and hands-on activities for each section.

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