What I’ve Learned from Running: Clear Vision Keeps You on Track

What I’ve Learned from Running: Clear Vision Keeps You on Track

Let me start this blog by saying I am a pretty gross human being. Let me clarify. When it gets hot outside, I sweat buckets. When I exercise, I sweat buckets. Combine the two and it is a sight to behold.

After my three-mile runs, I often look for my ten-year-old daughter and try to give her a hug. If I catch her by surprise she screams and runs away. She is always afraid of me, the old sweat monster.

Because I sweat so much when I run I would spend much of my time wiping sweat from my eyes. It got to the point where it was not only annoying but causing me to get off track. As I was wiping sweat away from my face it would often throw off my balance, even if it was just a little, and cause me to step out of the line I was running in.

It wasn’t until recently that I decided to wear a headband. I got a free giveaway from the Pro Football Hall of Fame during the Enshrinement weekend at their Fun Fest.

Now with my knee braces and my headband, I am quite the sight. People who see me running through the neighborhood probably feel sorry for me. They must think that that old guy is a real piece of work.

At least the sweat isn’t constantly dripping in my eyes. It has helped me to realize that clear vision keeps you on track.

It keeps me from losing my balance and stepping out of the line I am running in.

This principle is true for running and for disability ministry. When you have a clear vision is keeps you from getting off track.

Without a clear vision in disability ministry, it is easy to:
  • Try to do too much: Disability ministry is such an outside the box ministry that the possibilities are endless. People will bring to things you “need to do” or you should “try to do.” Just because something is a need doesn’t mean that it needs to be handled immediately. When you have a clear vision for what you are doing in disability ministry it will help you to set your priorities and to stay on course. There will always be time to meet other needs. You just cannot afford to dilute your effort by trying to do everything at once.
  • To get frustrated: Lack of focus almost always ends in frustration. You get frustrated because you get off track. You aimlessly move from one thing to the next. Or you intentionally move from one thing to the next because you feel like you need to do it all! Regardless, not staying true to the vision God gives you results in frustration.
  • Lack both short-term and long-term effectiveness: Accomplishing one task at a time and doing it well is the result of having a clear vision. It keeps you from getting distracted and get off the path. Without a clear vision, you will miss out on both short-term and long-term goals.


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