Disability Ministry Sunday

Many churches over the years have held special Sundays highlighting different ministry areas or community opportunities. Probably the most well known special Sunday is when churches allow their youth ministry to take over. Every element of the service is planned and conducted by the youth of the church. These are great Sundays! They both highlight a ministry area and empower those conducting the service.

Maybe your church has considered have a Disability Ministry Sunday. More and more churches are holding this special Sunday services and being blessed by them.

Consider some reasons why you would want to do a Disability Ministry Sunday?

  • Building awareness
  • Obedience (Luke 14)
  • Going a step beyond inclusion (Belonging)
  • Opportunity for people affected by disability to use spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12:22)
  • Launching a new disability ministry

Maybe you are already convinced that doing a Disability Ministry Sunday is a good idea, but you aren’t sure what all you should consider. Take a look below as some of the elements you may want to think about while you prepare.

First, think outside the actual service. There are great places for your friends with disabilities to serve in on these Sundays. Below is a list to get your ideas flowing.

  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Door Greeters
  • Café Workers
  • Facilities Team
  • Security Team
  • Have colorful FREE themed T-Shirts

Now what are some areas of the service that you should consider? Again below is a list of volunteer positions and service elements that could easily be filled by your friends who are affected by disability. The more you can get your friends on stage and in front of a microphone the better! Don’t shy away from giving them opportunities to use their gifts.

  • Audio Visual Team
  • Camera Operators
  • Greeters & Ushers
  • Offering & Communion Meditation
  • Serving Communion & Offering
  •  Scripture Reading
  • Choir
  • Praise Team
  • Special Music
  • Choreographed Dance
  • Videos (Testimonies, Scripture Reading, Declarations, etc.) See example of a video from First Christian Church Canton below from their 2018 Disability Ministry Sunday.
  • Sermon
  • Sermon Elements (Interview, drama, scripture reading, testimony, etc.)
  • Closing Prayer

Want more information on how to host a Disability Ministry Sunday? Check out our training video:

If you would like hands on help with planning a Disability Ministry Sunday don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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