Happy Bubbles

Happy Bubbles

It was with great pleasure to celebrate Christy Ruth Morris’ life on Thursday, May 17th.

Christy was a sweet and wonderful person, who also made it clear when she was not happy about something. Abiding by the wishes of the family to have a private service, the time with her family, close friends and residents was truly a celebration. There were a few tears but many laughs; some to the point of hysteria. When a group of people can get together and share joys and laughter at a memorial service, you know the one you are remembering was an incredible person.

There are times when living with 20 people, as our residents do, can be difficult and sometimes chaotic. We have “family” meetings often to allow them to vent, complain, compliment and suggest. At one of those meetings, life around Riverwood was getting a bit crazy with all the whining. Rhonna asked our residents to come up with a word that we all could say before speaking anything bad or upsetting. Without hesitation, Christy said “happy bubbles” and that changed our lives forever.

After all the words had been said, the prayers given and songs sung, we all were given little bottles of bubbles and went out to the basketball court. Together we blew “happy bubbles” in honor of Christy. Now, and for the rest of my life, anytime I see bubbles, I will be thinking of my friend Christy.

We love you,
The Big Man

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